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Open source contributions

For the complete list of my contributions to the open source projects, please refer to this page.

Selected projects

Multi-modal parcellation correlations, voxel count
Voxel count correlations for multi-modal brain parcellation atlas

Jupyter Generating laterality indices

Jupyter IPython Notebook for generating functional brain laterality indices. The results obtained with this Notebook were published as Manual praxis and language-production networks, and their links to handedness by Kroliczak, Buchwald, et al. (2021) in the Cortex Elsevier journal.

Preview here as  HTML5  |  Source available at  GitLab  repository  

JavaScript ChartJS animation example

Animated plots using ChartJS. A more advanced version of this script was used in one of the projects I worked on — a web application accessed a database via API and displayed the data so that the developer could debug and/or to perform a feature selection process in real-time, as the data were gathered.

Sourcecode available at  GitHub  repository  |   Preview here as HTML5JavaScriptCSS3

Based on Line (Horizontal Scroll) charts-plugin-streaming example
See also this blog post by Tobias Ahlin

ChartJS real-time graph example
ChartJS animation example

Distances between 180 multi-modal brain parcels

Jupyter Distances between multi-modal brain parcels

For some use cases we would like to know the linear distances between particular brain regions in a multi-modal parcelation by Glasser et al. (2016). With this Jupyter Jupyter IPython Notebook it is possible to visualize the location of each parcel, in either brain hemisphere, and to calculate the matrix of distances between all possible pairs of brain regions.

Preview here as  HTML5  |  Source available at  GitHub  repository